Docufiction “HANTUSH – a fairytale”

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Docufiction “HANTUSH – a fairytale”

a flying lamb vs bulldozers


Direction & Palestine filming: Alexia Tsouni, Direction of Photography, Barcelona filming, Editing & Color grading: Evangelos Vlachakis, Assistant Direction & Subtitling: Georgia Tsouni, Writer: Salha Hamdeen, Narration: Thikra Manassra, Music: “Oud” by Erik Airumian, “Arabian Desert” by Nasser Shibani, “Dimple by Oud” by Taner Demiralp, Production: FemArtAct

West Bank / Palestine & Catalonia / Spain, 2022

Duration: 00:06:12

Thanks: ADWAR Roles for Social Change Association & Arab Al-Jahalin Bedouin village

When Israeli bulldozers arrived at her Bedouin village to demolish her home, 14-year-old Palestine refugee girl Salha called on her flying lamb Hantush to take her somewhere far away…

Special thanks to Dr Sahar Yousef Alkawasmeh, General Director of ADWAR Roles for Social Change Association in Hebron & Mr Abu Khamis, Head of the Local Council of the Arab Al-Jahalin Bedouin village, West Bank, Palestine.



HANTUSH – a fairytale by 14-year-old Palestinian refugee girl Salha Hamadin, winner of the “Hans Christian Andersen Fairytale Bay” prize in 2012.

Salha is member of the Arab Jahalin Bedouin community in the Israeli-controlled Area C of the occupied West Bank.

She wrote this fairytale in 2012 after Israeli bulldozers arrived in her village to demolish it.

They have come 5 times so far (2022), and every time Palestinian and international activists come to protect the village, and children write in placards “DON’T DEMOLISH MY HOME AND MY SCHOOL”…

Dedicated to the memory of Rachel Corrie, who was crushed by an Israeli bulldozer in Gaza in 2003, and Shirin Abu Akleh, who was shot in the head while covering an Israeli military raid on the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank in 2022.


Still photos:

Όταν οι Ισραηλινές μπουλντόζες έφτασαν στο Βεδουίνικο χωριό της για να κατεδαφίσουν το σπίτι της, η 14χρονη Παλαιστίνια πρόσφυγας Σάλχα κάλεσε το ιπτάμενο αρνί της Χαντούς να την πάρει κάπου μακριά…

Το παραμύθι αυτό της 14χρονης μαθήτριας Σάλχα Χαμαντίν κέρδισε το βραβείο “Hans Christian Andersen Fairytale Bay” το 2012.

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