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Feminism * Art * Activism

Animation “CoronaViolence”

During the COVID-19 lockdown, an immigrant woman, along with her minor children and witnesses, resorts to the Police Station to report domestic violence. She is expelled, under the pretext, among others, of the coronavirus. Unfortunately, true story, happened in Athens in March 2020. Fortunately, solidarity had the last word. Direction – script – editing: Alexia…
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COVID-19 Stay at “home”

Performance “A kite for Palestine”

Documentary “Peace vs Piece” -Part I: The resistance of Palestinian women in Hebron

The documentary “Peace vs Piece” is shot in 2018 in the historic city of Hebron in occupied Palestine. It shows, on the one hand, the oppression of women, both by the occupation and by the patriarchy, and, on the other hand, their resistance and solidarity. Direction – research: Alexia Tsouni, photography – editing – sound:…
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